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15 Different Types of Kurtas: All the Information You Need to Know About Kurtis

Hi ladies! Do you want to improve your sense of style? You’re in luck. Today, we’ll talk about the newest types of kurtas so ladies can update their outfits with unique designs. Kurtas combines the best elements of Western functionality with a feeling of ethnicity, making them suitable for casual and festive seasons. Women wear them for celebrations, special occasions, work, and college every day, festivals, and even as theatrical costumes for plays and dramas, among other events. 

Women should be aware of the options available because kurtas are trendy. You don’t want to wear the same kurta pattern for the rest of your life? 
We have created this blog to help ladies and girls who want to wear ethnic clothes become more comfortable with them and explore the different types of kurtas.

Let’s discuss the different kurta styles you can use both frequently and occasionally.

  1. Anarkali Kurti

Anarkali Kurtis, modelled after the Mughal era, has a fitted breast and flare out at the hem to give off a frock-like appearance. They are ideal for celebrations such as weddings. For a timeless style, wear them with striking earrings and churidars.

  1. Straight Cut Kurti

Straight Kurtis provides a clean and sophisticated look, making them a wardrobe must. They are versatile; they quickly go well with jeans, leggings, or palazzos. For a refined appearance, wear little jewellery as an accessory.Buy cotton straight kurti online from The Jaipur Loom.

  1. A-Line Kurti

These kurtis are tighter at the top and broaden out near the bottom, giving them an A-shaped flow. For informal get-togethers, they look fantastic with jeggings or slim-fitting pants. Depending on the occasion, use simple colours or striking patterns.

  1. Lace Kurti

Lace kurtis have trendy kurta designs that sometimes include elaborate lacework that reflects softness and delicacy. They are ideal for brunches and dates. Pair them with airy, flowing bottoms like chiffon palazzos for a romantic look.

  1. Asymmetrical Kurti

Asymmetrical Kurtis with no defined hemline are in a big trend right now. They are perfect for informal get-togethers and parties. Wear them with form-fitting trousers and eye-catching shoes for a modern style.

  1. Kaftan Style Kurti

Kaftan Kurtis are well-known for their comfort. They are airy and flowy and frequently include a drawstring around the waist. They are ideal for a fun day at the beach or vacation. For a relaxed style, pair them with sandals and boho accessories.

  1. Shirt Collar Kurti

Collar kurtis are famous types of kurtas that combine the formal shirt style with traditional kurtas. They have a collar and frequently have button-down fronts. Collar kurtis look well with jeans or pants and are ideal for work wear.

  1. Overlay Kurti

Overlay kurtis are a chic combination of layers; they usually have a solid base with an outer layer of sheer or lighter fabric. This is ideal for those who enjoy layering looks but want to keep things breezy and light—match overlay kurtis with palazzos or slim pants for evening gatherings or parties for a refined appearance.

  1. Jacket Style Kurti

A jacket, connected or detached, can be worn with these types of kurtas, adding a touch of refinement to this outfit. Kurtas work well in both professional and informal settings. For a more sophisticated look, pair them with straight pants or palazzos.

  1. Kurti in Cape Style

Kurtis in the cape style has a cape-like element that is either worn over the kurti or attached to the shoulders. This look is ideal for creating a fashion statement, providing a dramatic flare. They’re perfect for festive occasions or celebratory gatherings. These kurtis go well with straight-cut skirts or slacks for a stylish, contemporary style. 

  1. Indo-Western Kurti

These types of kurtas are  Indo-Western kurtis that combine Western and Indian designs and are ideal for people who enjoy a contemporary twist. For a stylish look, wear them with skirts or jeans. To improve the ensemble, add fusion jewellery as an accessory. Explore the range of fusion dresses on The Jaipur Loom buy fusion dresses for women online. 

  1. Floor Length/Gown Style Kurti

Gown-styleGown-style kurtis are like evening dresses; they are elegant and royal. They are ideal for weddings and formal gatherings. For a chic style, wear them with simple jewellery and heels.

  1. Colour Block Kurti

Because of their striking and contrasting colours, these types of kurtas are ideal for making a statement. They go well with neutral-coloured bottoms and are perfect for informal get-togethers. Minimal accessories will make the kurti the focal point.

  1. Chikankari Kurti

Chikankari Kurtis, famous for their gorgeous embroidery, is an emblem of grace. They are ideal for formal gatherings. Wear them with ethnic jewellery and light-coloured trousers.

  1. Short Kurtis

Short kurtis best exemplify casual chic. They finish at the hip or just below, making them perfect for a fresh and modern aesthetic. These look well with jeans, shorts, or skirts for a chic and adaptable look perfect for college or casual get-togethers. Try the various types of kurtas, and buy Indian short kurti only on The Jaipur Loom.

Why Do Different Types of Kurtas Styles Reign Supreme in Summer?

Breathable Materials: Traditionally, light, natural materials like cotton, linen, and khadi are used to make all types of kurtas. Because these fabrics provide better air circulation, you won’t sweat and will remain cool all day.

Loose and Flowy Designs: Various kurtas are available in loose-fitting shapes. This provides Better air flow over your skin, keeping you relaxed and fresh.

Versatility Abounds: Types of Kurtas’ versatility is what makes them so beautiful. There is a kurta style for any occasion, whether you want a floor-length Anarkali for a formal occasion or a knee-length kurta for a casual walk. You can wear them casually with leggings or palazzo pants or dress them up with shoes and bling. 

Style with Substance: Kurtas are incredibly colourful, have a wide variety of patterns, and include embellishments. There is a style to fit every taste, ranging from the sophistication of a pastel, plain kurta to the vividness of an A-line kurta decorated with flowers. This lets you be cool and comfy while expressing your individuality.

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